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Steve Paland is a true Virginia Beach native who grew up in the Kempsville area. In high school he started working for his neighbors construction company to make a little money. He had a great work ethic and worked his way up through the company.

Steve realized he was really good at construction when he was assigned a couple of special projects and he crushed all expectations. He honed his craft with many years in the field and thousands of projects.

When reflecting on the good ol’ days of construction Steve says, “We didn’t have cell phones, internet or even nail guns! We had to rely on our own work ethic, our team and our talent.” A lot has changed since then, but in the decades that Steve spent crafting Peak Building Corporation into Hampton Roads premier home builder, the work ethic and talent has remained the same.

Peak Building Corp Owner Steve Paland | Custom Home Builder Virginia Beach

Steve has two sons, one daughter and 2 grand children. When he’s not working on a building project he’s spending time with his lovely fiancé Mindy and their dog T-Go. Occasionally he finds time to go the gym or get in some fishing.

He has no plans of leaving Virginia Beach. In his own words ‘Virginia Beach has some of the greatest beaches in the country and the best building weather!”

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